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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Bestiary Living Spells

 I have taken a break from ancestries and decided to work on Living Spells! Sorry it been awhile but life got busy. Also no art, LEGO or otherwise as I am not sure how to make LEGO version of these or Hero Forge for that matter!

As becoming the normal there will be a Google Link below to the actual stat blocks, their is five of them, along with a list of already existing creatures in Eberron that have similar vibes to Living Spells that you could chose to use instead of or in addiction what I have here. 


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Remastered Kalashtar Ancestry, NPC Gallery and Path of Light

 Shardfinder Remastered Continues! Next we have everyone's favorite not quite human ancestry kalastar! This is a much more complete ancestry then last go around, once more I include some NPC kalastar in their own gallery and as it quite import aspect of kalastar culture identify I have also made a Path of Light deity stat block for the faithful among our sharing dual souled kalastar! The Links below will take you to google docs.

Kalastar soul siblings strike against the Darkness!

Kalastar Ancestry

Kalastar NPC Gallery

Path of Light Deity Block

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Remastered Shifter Ancestry and NPC Gallery

More Shardfinder Remaster! Hopefully I start getting these out faster. Re-presenting the Shifter Ancestry! So up front this is created with the assumption you ban Beastkin Heritage as I have absorb a big chunk of those ideas/feats into this 'brew of Shifter. All together I feel this is a much fuller version then my last one; though still might be some growing pains and I always welcome feedback. A lot of the inspiration of this is coming from the 3(.5)e Eberron material. 

Additionally beside the ancestry I have provided a small Shifter NPC gallery you can use in your games; be it Shardfinder or Pathfinder 2e in general. I apologize for making a blog to just present links toGoogle  doc files but right now this is the best way to present my creations to you but I am open to future alternatives if anyone has suggestions.

To learn more about Eberron check out the Wiki, ECS, Eberreronicon or other Eberron resources.

A Shifting Shifter

Shifter Ancestry

Shifter NPC Gallery