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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Remastered Changelings Ancestry and NPC Gallery

 Hey everyone! So PF2 Remastered is out and I am remastered what I have put out myself. Hopefully after that will be more Shardfinder content to come. Today I am presenting my remastered Eberron changeling (in Shardfinder Pathfinder's changelings will use the name hagfolk and/or hexkin. As usual this is presented in mind that you have/familiar with ECS or the Eberronicon.

So Blogger and me are having a disagreement about formatting so we trying something new; below will be links to google docs. The first with be remastered Changeling Ancestry which feels more balance and more complete. The second link with be to my Changeling NPC Gallery to give you some Changelings you can sprinkle into your campaigns; be it Eberron or otherwise. As always I welcome feed back and adore stories of using my 'brew.


Changeling (Eberron) Ancestry

Changeling (Eberron) NPC Gallery