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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Remastered Shifter Ancestry and NPC Gallery

More Shardfinder Remaster! Hopefully I start getting these out faster. Re-presenting the Shifter Ancestry! So up front this is created with the assumption you ban Beastkin Heritage as I have absorb a big chunk of those ideas/feats into this 'brew of Shifter. All together I feel this is a much fuller version then my last one; though still might be some growing pains and I always welcome feedback. A lot of the inspiration of this is coming from the 3(.5)e Eberron material. 

Additionally beside the ancestry I have provided a small Shifter NPC gallery you can use in your games; be it Shardfinder or Pathfinder 2e in general. I apologize for making a blog to just present links toGoogle  doc files but right now this is the best way to present my creations to you but I am open to future alternatives if anyone has suggestions.

To learn more about Eberron check out the Wiki, ECS, Eberreronicon or other Eberron resources.

A Shifting Shifter

Shifter Ancestry

Shifter NPC Gallery