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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Hero Point Expansion; Actions Points are Back?

 In the 3.5 days of DnD one thing that separated Eberron from other settings was an additional rule set it gained called Action Points; in short you gain X points at each level and could use them to add a 1d6 to d20 rolls. Serves a very similar place as PF2’s Hero Points; and the element was such a core part of the setting/game that there was feats to expand Action Points and even prestige classes (think the none class Archetypes) that also played with Action Points. In the spirit of those 3.5 days that is the focus of Shardfinder’s conversions I have come up with Hero Point expanding General Feats and one class feat below for your PF2 Eberron games.

Speaking of Hero Points, have you heard of Paizo’s Hero Point Deck? It is a fun tool; at its base it is a cheaper version of the Hero Point token coins if you like to give physical objects to remind players they have hero points but it does more! It provides alt ways to use Hero Points and different rules on how to offer the options. You might want to consider also utilizing this deck to increase that pulp action as well.

Please let me know how these feats work in your games or even the Hero Point Deck!



Your luck seems more reliable than other adventurers’. Whenever you use a Hero Point to reroll your d20, roll 2d20 and pick the highest for your result.



There are rare moments where time seems to slow down for you.

Trigger You are rolling Initiative.

[Free Action] You may spend a Hero Point to gain Quickened 1 until the end of your next turn.



You seem to be able to push your luck more than most heroes.

You start sessions with an additional Hero Point and your Hero Point limit goes up by 1.




While raging you seem to make your own luck.

Trigger You take the Rage Action [Free Action] You gain a Hero Point; this Hero Point must be used first if you use any Hero Points and if your rage ends for any reason before this Hero Point is used then the Hero Point is immediately lost. (You cannot use this hero point to stabilize as you lose it as you go unconscious.)