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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Adventuring Equipment

Today's post tackles some of the gear in ECG's Adventuring Equipment chapter. Sadly I have only scratched the surface of Chapter Six so look for future posts converting more material from that section.


So first we come at the weapons we find in the Adventuring Equipment chapter. For simplicity I have converted these weapons to fall into the already established ancestry feats about weapons. I leave it to to the players and their GMs to chose appropriately themed weapons for their character concepts/backgrounds. Perhaps in an upcoming post I might change this or provide alternate traits and feats to go with them to deal with the different cultures that some of the ancestries have in Eberron.

After the weapon tables is my custom Weapon Trait and see the ECG's Adventuring Equipment chapter for weapon descriptions.

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Weapon Trait
Reciprocate: When you make a thrown Strike with this weapon, it flies back to your hand if the Strike is a miss at the end of your turn. If not a Master in the weapon make a DC 15 Athletics or Acrobatics check (Free Action), if check fails or hands are full the weapon falls to the ground in your space.

Please see ECG Chapter Six for any Descriptions not given here or for further information/fluff.

Adventuring Gear

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Glyphbook: This book gives those trying to Decipher Writing on items in or from Xen’drik ruins a +1 item bonus and turns all Critical Failures into Failures instead.

Alchemical Gear

 The Following Special Substances/Alchemical Items in the ECS are redundant in PF2 and replaced by the following versions: Alchemist’s Frost by Frost Vial. Alchemist’s Spark by Bottled Lightning.

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