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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Clerics and Deities, Part 1

Eberron is a world more in the gray then other settings along with the Gods being distance things that don’t manifest into the world (or planes) directly. This causes the rules for clerics to operate a bit differently which will be covered here while some of the Deities of Eberron and mechanical details can be found below.

Just want to note I do have plans to do the Cult Below, Blood of Vol, Dark Six and perhaps more and also a revamp/revisit to Part 1 might happen after ‘God & Magic’ and I get a chance to go through it.

Cleric Alternate Rules: First, Clerics do not have to match a Deity’s ‘Follower Alignments’ but they usually do (or started that way at least.) Second, a Cleric will not lose class abilities for shifting alignments or for performing too many Anathema acts. Though some possible RP could be a character losing faith in their deserving such gifts from their god that might trigger a loss of powers but this should be discussed between player and GM while also being unusual for clerics; not the norm. While a Cleric won’t lose their powers, actions that might shift alignment or against a Deity's Anathema certainly trigger repercussions from the church/organization if the actions reach the ears of those in charge.

Additionally Eberron allows some broader worship to instill divine powers. Generally those clerics worship the pantheon of Sovereign Host or Dark Six as a whole allowing them to pick domains from any of the operate gods but lose out on Cleric Spells, otherwise they are treated as other clerics with the pantheon having their own ‘God’ Entry for Favored Weapon, Divine Skill, etc.

It is also possible for a Cleric to follow a personal philosophy or code and pulling from the leftover divine power of Siberys, the Dragon Above. These ‘Dragon Above’ clerics can pick any domain when given the option but like pantheon clerics they do not get Cleric Spells but do follow special rules for Favored Weapons. Such a Cleric following the Doctrine of a Cloistered Doctrine may select a weapon they treat as a simple common weapon as their Favored Weapon while a Warpriest Doctrine Cleric can select any weapon they treat as a common simple or common martial. In either case once a Favored Weapon is chosen it cannot be changed. 

A ‘Dragon Above’ Cleric player should work with their GM to have a firm Edicts and Anathema to help guide their RP.

Finally I recommend removing the lvl 20 Cleric feat Avatar’s Audience as it simply doesn’t fit the flavor of Eberron well and require a lot of brewing to work. If you really want to keep the flavor, the cleric instead contacts a divine herald, a powerful outsider that embodies one of the domains of the cleric’s deity.

Setting Advice: It should be noted that most healing, be it mundane, alchemical or magical, is handled by the Healer’s Guild run by House Jorasco. Which leads to clerics serving as knights and defenders taking up the doctrine of the Warpriest while those few Cloistered Clerics focus on supporting their battle minded members. Of course Silver Flame Exorcists are usually of the Cloistered Doctrine.

Due to copyright concerns descriptions of these Gods/Churches is kept very short and for further details please check out one of the Eberron Campaign books.

Leading the masses to the light and casting light into the darkness.
Edicts To seek and destroy supernatural evil and prevent the spread of mundane corruption by being an example of good
Anathema knowingly spreading corruption be it mundane but specially supernatural evil,  letting an evil act happen when you have the power to stop it by word or by force if you must
Follower Alignments: LG, NG, CG, LN, N

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Survival
Favored Weapon Longbow
Domains Protection, Fire, Zeal, Family
Cleric Spells: 1st: true strike, 3rd level: fireball, 5th: telepathic bond

Collection of gods most commonly worshipped in Khorvaire, but not the only ones.
Edicts offering praises the appropriate god in a situation 
Anathema Offering praises to the Dark Six to help you in a task
Follower Alignments LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font Heal
Divine Skill Society
Favored Weapon Longsword
Domains Any Domain under a Sovereign Host Deity
Cleric Spells none

Sovereign of Life & Love
Edicts to Protect Vassals from the wilderness, serve as midwives if trained, to protect the wilderness and farmlands
Anathema to spoil the land of growth, cause or spread infertility or stillbirths
Follower Alignments LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font Heal
Divine Skill Nature
Favored Weapon Morningstar
Domains air, nature, sun, healing
Cleric Spells 1st: summon animal, 3rd: wall of thorns, 5th: tree stride

Sovereign of Law and Lore
Edicts to find lost knowledge or make new discoveries to help society. To bring lawbreakers to justice and subdue dangerous magical creatures if possible 

Anathema to destroy the written word without just cause, freeing convicted criminals and dangerous magical beasts
Follower Alignments LG, N, LE, NG, NE, LN

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font harm or heal
Divine Skill Arcana
Favored Weapon Staff
Domains knowledge, magic, truth, confidence Cleric Spells 1st: magic missile, 2nd: magic mouth, 3rd: levitate, 4th: blank, 5th: prying eye, 6th: wall of force, 7th: warp mind, 8th: maze, 9th: disjunction

Sovereign of Horn and Hunt
Edicts providing food the community through hunt if needed, put down dangerous beast that threaten an areas balance
Anathema to hunt for sport or allowing others to do the same, and to over a hunt a kind of animal
Follower Alignments LG, LN, N, NG, CN, CG

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal or harm
Divine Skill Survival 
Favored Weapon Battle axe 
Domains air, nature, earth, family
Cleric Spells 1st: longstrider, 3rd: earthbind 5th: tree stride

Sovereign of Hall and Hearth
Edicts help with civil projects, do charitable works
Anathema do not betray those that you consider family, eraze a community
Follower Alignments LG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Society
Favored Weapon Spear
Domains family, cities, protection, fire
Cleric Spells 1st: mindlink, 4th: fire shield, 6th: wall of force

Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice 
Edicts to end conflict with words before steel, stop invaders, promote peace 
Anathema to execute a repentant foe, to start a war or major conflict without just cause
Follower Alignments LG, NG, CG

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Diplomacy 
Favored Weapon Halberd
Domains sun, might, zeal, protection
Cleric Spells 1st: true strike, 2nd: see invisibility, 4th: fire shield 

The Sovereign of Strength and Steel
Edicts participate in honorable competitions of martial and physical skill, fulfilling your duties
Anathema committing random acts of violence, cheating in competition, killing the defenseless for coin
Follower Alignments LG, LN, N, NG, CN, CG

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Athletics
Favored Weapon Longsword
Domains might, zeal, confidence, protection
Cleric Spells 1st: true strike, 2nd: enlarge, 4th: weapon storm

The Sovereign of World and Wealth
Edicts keep the wheels of commerce turning, do a job and get paid, not all gains are in coins
Anathema Hoarding Wealth, destroying wealth or favor without gain
Follower Alignment All

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font harm or heal
Divine Skill Society
Favored Weapon Mace
Domains ambition, cities, wealth, travel
Cleric Spells 1st: illusory object, 4th: creation, 7th: magnificent mansion

The Sovereign of Feast and Fortune
Edicts luck favors the bold, try new things, semi regularly attend a feast or party if possible 
Anathema constantly playing it safe, refusing invites to celebrations and festivals
Follower Alignments N, NG, CG

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Performance 
Favored Weapon Sickle
Domains indulgence, healing, luck, passion
Cleric Spell 1st: charm, 3rd: hypnotic pattern, 5th: synesthesia

The Sovereign of Fire and Forge
Edicts give to society with goods or service, practice or teach a trade, respect the usefulness and dangers of fire
Anathema destroying a useful tool, Don’t be slothful 
Follower Alignments LG, LN, N, CG

Devotee Benefits
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Craft
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Domains fire, creation, cities, might
Cleric Spells 1st: burning hands, 4th: creation, 5th: telekinetic haul

Thank you for your time and I hope this proves useful to you and your party! If you like to know how to support Shardfinder please check out the links at the top of the page. A special thanks to the Eberron Discord Communities and extra special one to ChaosOS for proof reading this entry.